Berry Buns (while supplies last)

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A story about a magical garden.

This is a fantasy story written by my daughter and illustrated by me.  It was written in 1988 after I designed a book called "The Bear-E Patch" and some of the characters were borrowed from that book.  I think that you'll find it very cute and whimsical.

It's about a grumpy farmer that finds something different growing in his garden.  The town busy body (Gunther Truder) wants to tell everyone in "Goodberry" about the unusual things growing in "Grumpenburger's" garden.  You'll want to read the book to see what grew in place of those sweat peas.  It's a fun story for all ages, and especially the young at heart.

This is not a design instruction book.  It is a fun story book for yourself and children.


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